Pinot Noir

Ahh Pinot Noir!  Not that we play favorites but we do love our Pinot Noir selections!  At Winetasters of Larchmont our selection of more than 50 Pinots from Oregon, Caifornia, New York, Chile, and Burgundy, France span the spectrum of styles and flavors that this chameleon-like varietal offers up. This finnicky grape is demanding and hard to grow (weather plays a big part, not too much sun or too much rain), but when all the pieces come together the resulting wine is rich in character and depth with wonderful aromas of dark berries and lingering flavors of dark fruit and spice. California Pinots are more fruit forward and jammier while Pinots from Oregon and Burgundy are lighter and earthier. We love them all and we’ll be happy to show you our wonderful selection!