Since taking over Winetasters of Larchmont in late 2010, we’ve built a spirits selection that is the largest in Larchmont!  In addition to most of the popular rums, vodkas, gins, bourbons, ryes, scotch and whiskey blends, we carry a wide variety of smaller production artisinal spirits.  We have more than 70 different single malt scothes, 30 different bourbons, 15 different ryes, 30 different tequilas and close to 30 different rums.  Many of our spirit selections are from small artisinal producers, both hard to find and delicious!  We also carry a wide range of brandies and Cognacs as well as cordials.

At Winetasters of Larchmont, we taste all the selections we offer in our store. We won’t sell a product solely based on what the sales rep says about it or how the distiller advertises it.   We know what we sell!

We work closely with our customers and welcome your input.  We are here to help you with special orders, if we do not carry the spirit you like we will do our best to secure it for you quickly at no extra cost.   Don’t forget our free gift wrapping!  Please come in and see for yourself what sets us apart, we’re here to serve you!