Winetasters of Larchmont owner and proprieter Gregg O'Brien.

Gregg O'Brien, Owner & Proprieter

Winetasters opened in late 1933, the first year after Prohibition ended. I heard a story that before Winetasters opened in 1933 there was a butcher shop located here. The owner was Italian and loved wine. He would serve it to choice customers downstairs in the large basement along with some bathtub gin and other spirits. After prohibition ended one of his customers bought him out and converted it to a wine & spirits store!

I am only the 4th owner of Winetasters in it’s 79 year existence. I am very proud to be reviving a store that had seen better days in recent years. The renovations to the interior of our store have made a big difference – opening up floor space and brightening up the store. Our new selections and lower prices have attracted many new customers. We love our community and we’re making new friends everyday. Come in and see for yourself!

– Gregg O’Brien